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Fiery Tiger | Handpainted Panama Hats

Fiery Tiger | Handpainted Panama Hats

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Fiery Tiger, it's fierce.

Hat Size Guide:

XS - 53 cm | S - 54 cm | M - 55 cm | L - 56 cm | XL - 57 cm

Colombianas, wearable art from the heart of Colombia is resourcing handcrafted Panama hats, offering premier hats to fit every style around. Every hat in our collection is handcrafted, at every step. Ensuring each piece in our collection is unique, you'll never find a piece quite like it. Right from the palm trees to the ocean breeze, bright colors, and attention-grabbing style, this is what Colombianas is giving to you.  Whether you're traveling down to the white sandy beaches or heading to the chic club in town, hats can up your game and add life to any outfit. After all, hats make heads turn.