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About Us

Laying on the beaches of Colombia, admiring the culture, colours and flavours that this country has to offer. We decided we wanted to bring you something that could somehow reflect this experience in a tasteful way. Our love for art and the appreciation of fine detail along with unique individual style is what drives us.

Wearing something that has been specially curated, a piece of art that you get to wear is not common in the age of mass production. So we're bringing you one of a kind, straight from the shores of Colombia. Walking the beaches admiring the best sunsets that the world has to offer in your Colombianas - a subtle statement piece, with flare and giving you the sense of individuality. What more could you want? The ability to express yourself through what you wear and through the colours you put on is something we truly believe in here at Colombianas. 

How did Colombianas come about? So we set off to find an artist in the city of Cartagena, and we did - Catherine. We spoke for hours about how we could get her art on to these hats, so we could share them with all of you, all while keeping the essence of Colombia, art and uniqueness in tact.