About Us

Colombianas signature line of handcrafted hats is inspired by the tropical lifestyle of Colombia's coastal regions and way of life. We took this inspiration and ran with it. Our love for art and the ability to express ourselves through what we wear is what gets us going. For carefree sun-loving days in tropical destinations. The perfect lifestyle fashion accessory for times where you reflect, wind down and recharge, while out and about on the world’s whitest sandy beaches. The exclusive Colombianas collection was created by our team of artisans based in Colombia. Their talent creates pieces of art on our hats, it's wearable art for your head.

We have the power to change our state of mind through the colors that we wear. So that's what we are doing here at Colombianas, we're staying colorful, classy, and confident. 

Apart from our Colombianas signature line of exclusive handcrafted hats, we also have a love for fashion accessories to finish off your outfit. That's where the lovely handcrafted earrings from Colombia come in. These hand embroidered pieces are the finishing detail to those tropical sun-loving days.