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Personalizing Your Style

While we’ve entered the era of mass production and fast-fashion, at Colombianas we tried to figure out how we could adapt our hand-crafted & hand-painted Panama hats to go against the grain and create something unique and meaningful for the people who buy our hats.

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How Our Panama Hats Are Made

One of the best accessories to own is a high-quality handmade Panama hat. If they are, on top of that hand-painted with colorful and unique designs that reflect your personality - well, how much better can it get? With inspiration drawn from all that is around us, we have crafted our collection to reflect just this. Colombianas is in love with vibrant color palettes and patterns, as well as the art of making each hat by hand. So it seems just fitting that we fill you in on all the things that make us Colombianas.   Origins Of Our Hats First, let’s take a closer look at the origins of these kind of hats. The Panama hat has its origins...

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Colombianas: The Perfect Hattitude to Carry

Hats are the crown in your wardrobe. Whether you're traveling down to beaches or heading to the chic club in town, hats can up your game and add life to any outfit. You can paint the town red with the unique one in the town. After all, hats can make heads turn.  Colombianas, wearable art from the heart of Colombia is resourcing handcrafted Panama hats, offering premier hats to fit every style around. Right from the palm trees to the ocean breeze, bright colors, and amazing style is what Colombianas has to offer you.  The inspiration comes from the natural colors and the tropical flavors that Colombia offers. Hats from Colombianas are handcrafted, meaning you will always carry a unique...

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