Tropical Beach Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It's around two weeks until you can start getting ahead on your Christmas shopping as Black Friday is approaching. So we thought it would only be fitting to create a Colombianas Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the tropical sun-loving fashionistas who admire and adore design, art and style. Why not spice up your loved ones (or yours, we totally understand why you might just get one for yourself too) tropical wardrobe? As you know by now, Colombianas is a brand whose sole focus is on bringing happiness through high-quality Panama Hats. Our signature collection of handcrafted handpainted Panama Hats is inspired by the Colombian lifestyle and executed in Montecrisit, the land of high-quality Panama Hats. That's style and quality and we're all here for it! 
Our hats fit perfectly with some other beautiful brands out there from across the world. Brands who have the same mission as us, style & quality.

Here we go, Colombianas Holiday Gift Guide 2020, our top 10 picks to finish off you summer beach-goer outfit.

Colombianas Holiday Gift Guide

1. Mystique Beach |  Gold Angel - Boho Kimono

Boho Kinomo

2. Colombianas | Mosaic Panama Hat

Mosaic Hat

3. The Sak | Limited Edition Niagara 120 Hobo Bag

Limited Edition Niagara 120 Hobo

4. Colombianas | Boho Dream Panama Hat

Boho Dream Panama Hat

5. O’Sole Boutique |  Hammered Bombshell Cuff

Hammered Bombshell Cuff

6. Anitas Swimwear | Dotkini - Cavalli Print Bikini

Dotkini - Cavalli Print Bikini

7. Colombianas | Wild Jungle Panama Hat

Wild Jungle Panama Hat

8. Ace & Tate |  Mia Sunglasses

Mia Sunglasses

9. Anitas Swimwear |  Dotkini - Palms Print Bikini

Palm Print Bikini

10. O’Sole Boutique |  Nira Fringe Earrings

Nira Fringe Earrings
Holiday gift guide worthy? We think so. The Colombianas signature handpainted handcrafted Panama Hats are all handpainted on order, so keep this in mind when making an order for your Christmas shopping! 
We also do Panama hat customizations. Personalized gifts for Christmas, have you ever heard of a better gift? Read our blog post on getting your very own Panama Hat customized: "Personalizing your style". And view the listing on our website, Authentic Panama Hat.
Instagram: @mycolombianas

Colombianas. Wearable Art.


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