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With over 100,000 international flights taking off daily from airports across the globe, we can see you all itch to get away from the known to step into a new world, even if it's just for a short while. I mean, who doesn’t like to experience a new culture of colors, sounds, flavors and the wonders that nature has bestowed upon us.

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Actually, the dream of Colombianas came to life while we were on our own exotic adventure doing just this, experiencing a new culture so different from our own. A break from our reality, really getting the chance to unwind and recharge our personal batteries to get back home with the feeling of a new 'me', ready for anything! When we were surrounded by white sandy beaches, vibrant people and the most delectable food (and coffee, of course), our 'unwind and recharge' mentality quickly turned into, how can we share this beautiful experience with people who haven't visited this rich country? 

Anyways, back to the point, we clearly all love to travel so how does traveling the world and Colombianas come hand in hand? Well, 'traveling in style' is a phrase we've heard many times over, but what exactly makes you oh-so-stylish while on your exotic getaway? The need and desire to feel confident in yourself, and feeling beautiful in your own skin is something that's essential when we take a break from the real world. Whether it be the chic floral dress you're wearing while walking the cobbled alleys of Portugal, or the head-turning Colombianas Panama hat while laying on the sandy white beaches of the Maldives, we need to feel comfortable in the way we're expressing who we are. 

If your aim is to travel in style then we need to keep it practical too by packing in the essentials. Things that serve us practically, as well as things that look good and in the end, make us feel good! Our signature line of hand-crafted & hand-painted Panama hats will do just the trick. If you’re on that cobbled stone alley or sandy white beach kinda getaway, then it really is essential to protect your skin as much as you can. Fine lines and coarse wrinkles are beautiful, a sign of someone who has lived an enriching life, full of wisdom. But if you’re too young to have these, then it’s time to protect your skin with a strong SPF and put on that wide-brimmed hat! 

We love our collection of hand-crafted & hand-painted hats. They’re created in Colombia, painted by the finest artisans there are in Colombia. They’re one-of-a-kind, they’re beautiful. And we love them! 


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Visit our site to see our latest collection, the endless possibilities of personalization, co-branding and getting these beauties into your retail store, it’s all there!

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