The World of Slow Fashion | Colombianas Panama Hats

Slow fashion, a phrase that gets thrown around the fashion world all too often but do we all really know exactly what it is. Is slow fashion something we should all be caring about or is it just a trend that will come and go?


Colombianas Mosaic Hat
Handcrafted Panama Hat | Mosaic


To start off, slow fashion in its most simple terms is the concept of advocating for manufacturing in respect to people, the environment and animals. The literal opposite to 'fast fashion'. But it goes deeper than this. The whole process from design to completion is done in a way that respects everyone and everything at every stage. Slow fashion tends to have slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprint and in an ideal world, zero waste. So all off cuts of fabric, it may be time to get creative and start thinking of what can be made using them!

You know the brands you love are taking part on the slow fashion 'movement' when you start seeing the time and effort put into their creations. You'll see how they have connected all the elements; raw materials, the environment, fair wages, and this list just goes on and on.

How do you know if your buying habits are in line with slow fashion?

Well, to start off, if you own a 100% cotton t-shirt that you bought for 7$, then that's a good tell. You're a slow fashion superhero if you buy products that are a bit pricer but have a lifetime of use that comes with it. Quality, quality, quality people.

Colombianas: Slow Fashion Panama Hats & Earrings

Colombianas specializes in handcrafted Panama hats and if you don't know by now, where have you been? Our signature line of handcrafted Panama hats are sourced from Montecristi, Ecuador. The hats in this region are renowned for using high-quality toquilla straw and are woven extremely tightly, giving it its structure and shape that will last a lifetime.

Colombianas Hat: Island Vibes
Handcrafted Panama Hat | Island Vibes


Once you have chosen your design and make your order, we then send off the details to our local artisan based in Ecuador. They then take 2-3 weeks to complete the painting on the Panama hat, the timing really depends on the intricacy of the design. Once the artist is done and everything is approved, we then ship it off to you right away! We don't believe in mass produced fashion. We believe in fashion that tells a story, hats that have taken time to create, art that has taken time to create. After all, we live by creating 'wearable art' for all of you!

And in case you missed it, we also have beautifully handcrafted earrings created in Colombia by a team of highly talented artisans who have a love for bold colors and attention to detail. The perfect finish to your tropical outfit.

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