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The World of Slow Fashion | Colombianas Panama Hats

Slow fashion, a phrase that gets thrown around the fashion world all too often but do we all really know exactly what it is. Is slow fashion something we should all be caring about or is it just a trend that will come and go?   Handcrafted Panama Hat | Mosaic   To start off, slow fashion in its most simple terms is the concept of advocating for manufacturing in respect to people, the environment and animals. The literal opposite to 'fast fashion'. But it goes deeper than this. The whole process from design to completion is done in a way that respects everyone and everything at every stage. Slow fashion tends to have slower production schedules, fair wages, lower...

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The Power of Individual Style

Individual style, what does that mean exactly? Well, it's 2020 so our desire to show off our individuality and own personal style from the other 7 billion people in the world is a need that we're seeing more and more in the fashion world.   As you all may know by now, Colombianas sources high-quality authentic Panama Hats from Montecristi, Ecuador. these stunning hats are then sent over to our artisans who created the beautiful hand-painted designs of your choice on.   Hand-crafted Panama hats, hand-crafted individual style, that's what we're going for over here.   The process of getting your own Panama hat customized to very own individual style (to the last paint splatter) is clearly explained in our...

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Self Expression Through Handcrafted Accessories

Colombianas is so excited to showcase our latest collection of handcrafted accessories. We have a love for color, individuality, and handcrafted pieces that make us feel confident. As you may know now, we really believe in the power of expressing ourselves through what we wear. Our latest collection does just this.

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Our World of Patterns

What's the first thing you see when you open up your closet doors? Do you see the classic one-toned solid color pieces that we all own? The solid hues and tones of our favorite summer colors that make you feel bright and cheery while out and about. Or do you see an ocean of patterns and stripes that your eyes naturally get drawn to as soon as those doors open? Either way, some colors and patterns in your wardrobe is never a bad idea so if you're wanting to get that extra 'wow' factor through patterns, it can always be done in a subtle yet classy way because let's be honest, head to toe in different patterns isn't for all...

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Traveling in Style with Colombianas

With over 100,000 international flights taking off daily from airports across the globe, we can see you all itch to get away from the known to step into a new world, even if it's just for a short while. I mean, who doesn’t like to experience a new culture of colors, sounds, flavors and the wonders that nature has bestowed upon us. Actually, the dream of Colombianas came to life while we were on our own exotic adventure doing just this, experiencing a new culture so different from our own. A break from our reality, really getting the chance to unwind and recharge our personal batteries to get back home with the feeling of a new 'me', ready for anything!...

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