Personalizing Your Style

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” - Coco Chanel

While we’ve entered the era of mass production and fast-fashion, at Colombianas we tried to figure out how we could adapt our hand-crafted & hand-painted Panama hats to go against the grain and create something unique and meaningful for the people who buy our hats. That’s where our option of Panama hat personalization comes in.


Personalizing your style


We’re intuned to people having their own personal style, the way in which they desire to portray their personality and edge. On top of this, having an emotional connection with a hand-crafted high-quality product that will last a lifetime and follow you on your most memorable trips, how can you say no to this?

At Colombianas we stay true to our tagline, ‘wearable art’, and people being able to express themselves through art, and through what they wear is what we’re all about. A lifestyle fashion accessory produced and hand-painted locally in Colombia, the personification of individuality and self-expression.

‘I think we all know the pain of spotting someone else with the exact same piece when buying at all the well-known fashion giants of this world, well, this was something that I wanted to address at Colombianas, to make sure this won’t happen when buying a personalized Colombianas hat.’ 
 - Alexandra Kraft, Founder of Colombianas

Gifting a Hand-Crafted & Hand-Painted Personalized Panama Hat

Giving a person in your life that you adore a personalized gift has always reinforced your connection with them. Gifting a locally and ethically produced Panama hat that you can’t find anywhere else, can you really give someone something better than this? Creating memorable and meaningful moments with this person, while letting them walk in style is the truest form of love whether it be your bestie, lover or family. From hen do’s to birthday celebrations to girls trips abroad to your tropical destinations. WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

How exactly can you get a Colombianas Panama hat personalized?

  1. You place your order by purchasing the ‘Personalization | Panama Hat’ product on our product page.
  2. Within 48 hours, someone from Colombianas design team will get in touch with you to get a feel of your vibe, the motive, and the placement.
  3. Once your one-of-a-kind design is finalized, our artisans in Colombia start working on it right away.
  4. In 8-10 weeks, you'll receive your beautiful one-of-a-kind Colombianas in the mail, beautifully wrapped and ready to be worn.


If the sound of all this gets you very excited, then you should be! If you would like to get in touch about personalizing your own hat then please do! We love hearing from you.


Colombianas. Wearable Art.




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