Self Expression Through Handcrafted Accessories

Tropical fashion is a trend that’s here to stay. We all love looking as fresh as our views when we’re taking some time out on tropical islands sipping margaritas and taking a dip in the deep blue.
colombianas accessories
If you know anything about the Colombianas brand, its that we love tropical inspired accessories, and we love giving everyone the ability to express themselves through what they wear. Looking good not for anyone else, but for yourself, because at the end of the day when we look good, we feel good. Confidence is key ladies and gentlemen.
colombianas accessories
The Colombianas handcrafted hats are the perfect accessory that brings confidence, color, and of course, shade to those hot sunny days. So we’ve taken it up a notch and added some awe-inspiring head-turning kind of accessories. We’ve introduced some jaw-dropping handcrafted earrings to the Colombianas product collections.
colombianas accessories
Why earrings you may ask? Firstly, have you seen this collection? You can view it here, and once having a look you may understand why we have done this; we couldn’t resist.

So let’s talk about these

Handcrafted Earrings

Handcrafted in Colombia. We’ve sourced high-quality earrings with attention to detail. As you may know by now, attention to detail is what we do. The earrings in the collection have exquisite craftsmanship. The materials used are fine thread, beads, and stones. We’ve added texture, patterns, and color combinations that really can’t be resisted. Don’t you think?
colombianas accessories
Accessories, and more specifically, earrings, are the finishing detail to any look we’re going for. Dressing up or dressing down, they bring grace, elegance, and in the end, beauty.
colombianas accessories
Have a look here at the beautiful collection.
Confidence through what you wear, giving all you beautiful people the ability to express yourself in a stylish, chic way. 
colombianas accessories

Colombianas. Wearable art.



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