"“In every corner of Colombia you look is colorful and full of culture and art. Especially if you walk down the paved streets of Cartagena with its pastel colored buildings to the blooming pink Bougainvillea trees, you are immediately drawn into the beauty and rich flavors of the beautiful city. You can still see that the country and its people have been through a lot in the past but you can feel the gratitude and joy for life everywhere“, says Alexandra Kraft, Founder of the Colombianas brand."
Colombianas: The Perfect Hattitude to Carry
Colombianas - October 07, 2019
Alexandra Kraft
Founder, +971555981440
Alexandra Kraft is working and living in Dubai and travelling forth and back between India and the United Arab Emirates. Currently working as international business development manager at Mansionly, a platform for global home interiors and lifestyle solutions. She got the idea for Colombianas while travelling through South America and is the creative mastermind behind this new venture, being responsible for marketing and sales in Dubai.
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